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* The FACR application cycle is closed. The 2022 application link will publish below in January *

* During this interim period, gather your background information which will be necessary to input into your FACR application. You will be asked to provide a current CV, two PDF documents itemizing presentations and publications, listings of your leadership roles at your place of employment, societies, chapter and ACR as well as any awards and honors. Identify at least two current ACR Fellows that will support your application with letters of endorsement.

The American College of Radiology welcomes the opportunity to receive your ACR Fellowship application.  This ACR membership category is an honor bestowed among members of good standing who have demonstrated excellence in service, teaching, research and/or volunteer leadership roles in diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, radiation oncology and/or medical physics. 

Once you begin your application using the link below, allow the platform to load background data from your ACR profile then click Save at the bottom of the Applicant Information page to save the pulled member data to your application.

FACR  APPLICATION:  Click here to apply to become a Fellow of the American College of Radiology

(Reviewer:  Click here if you are assigned to assess complete FACR applications)

Please review the requirements and application guidance as follows:

  • The minimum eligibility requirement is 10 cumulative post-training ACR membership years and at least one area from the FACR Nomination Criteria.
  • Identify your chapter submission deadline to submit your application on time.  Use the dropdown menu to identify your chapter's deadline.
  • At least two endorsement letters from active ACR Fellows are required.  Only one endorsement may be submitted by a colleague from the same business entity. 
  • Use the membership directory to identify the email addresss to submit your endorsement requests to potential endorsing Fellows.
  • Application content may not be edited after submitting your complete application. 
  • Notification letters regarding selection to become a Fellow are sent to candidates by November 2022.

A list of current ACR Fellows is available for your reference from the All ACR Fellows list.  A system-generated email will be sent to each endorsing Fellow listed in your endorser details sections.  You are encouraged to maintain independent direct contact with the endorsing Fellows to confirm that the requests can be fulfilled on time.

Helpful information regarding the application process can be found in the ACR Fellowship Guidelines.

Reminder FACR is a distinguished award and a level of ACR membership.  Candidates are required to submit 2022 membership dues before the March 31, 2022 grace period ends in order to continue to be eligible candidates for application review.

* If elected to become a Fellow, participation in the April 2023 convocation ceremony during the Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. is necessary for the award to be conferred. Approval may be deferred to a postdated convocation if deemed to need additional years of experience before the award can be conferred.*

Questions may be sent to FACR@acr.org.

Click here to continue your application for an ACR Fellowship. You may also select In-Progress from the left-hand menu then refer to the heading labeled Action to Edit (add more content), print, or remove the application.

Welcome and thank you for reviewing the applications and submitting your decisions. To view an applicant's record, click on "My Judging Assignments" and then on the applicant's name or "View Application."  Contact FACR@acr.org with questions.